See the eWalk in the footprints of African Americans in Minnesota and the Midwest …

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Trunk-It is history in a trunk, a museum without walls. These exhibits are accompanied by trained actors/docents …

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The Minnesota African American Museum values solid and well-rounded education for people of all ages. The museum is committed to finding, preserving, interpreting and disseminating the stories of African American life in Minnesota and the upper Midwest. Accurate and inclusive history provides the foundation for cross-cultural and intergenerational understanding.

Our education department is dedicated to helping students use African American history as a pathway to learning and as a way to inspire and cultivate creativity and critical thinking. MAAM will provide students the opportunity to explore traditional school subjects through our culturally specific history by offering daily school tours, workshops and as well as a full range of after school, release/vacation, and family programs.

As part of its dedication to educational excellence, MAAM is committed to:

  • Becoming a trusted resource for classroom teachers through the creation and distribution of print and electronic K-12 curriculum materials.
  • Offering year-round opportunities for schools, churches, community centers, senior living centers and other appropriate venues throughout the state to feature traveling "Trunk-It" exhibits.
  • Assembling state and regional thought leaders to create best practices to preserve and disseminate information and to offer research opportunities to all.
  • Using interactive technology within the museum and web resources to allow everyone to participate in the educational programming and opportunities offered by the museum.

When we understand history and culture, it empowers everyone to fulfill their potential and contribute as citizens to local and global communities. MAAM promotes greater understanding and appreciation of the many contributions of African Americans through art, culture, education and history.

To discover more information about educational opportunities at MAAM: